Thursday, February 08, 2007

February 3, 2007

Happy Birthday, Aine!!!
Aine is an amazing 2 year old. We celebrated her birthday at the zoo followed by cake at Grandma and GrandDad's house. She enjoyed it immensely - including the quarter in her cake.

Aine is leaving babyhood behind her with finesse. She has developed her own interests, likes, dislikes and has definitely found her voice.

Aine's vocabulary is growing daily as well as her signs. If one doesn't work, she often figures out how to get her point across in another way. She has recently begun stringing two words together more.

Aine loves baby dolls, books and monkeys. She can often be found reading books alone or with Eamon. She also will often climb on your lap and say, "read!"

Aine loves her family. She runs after Eamon and seems most content when he is close. Daddy is her other star; they cherish each other. He is the only one to help most days.

Aine has an infectious smile. She often tells people we meet hello. She is quick to hug, lugh and blow kisses.

Aine enjoys playing outside - riding bikes, climbing at the park, swinging, digging in dirt or spotting things in the garden. She doesn't care what the weather is - rain, snow or shine.

Aine is such aspecial addition to our family. She brings us joy and delight,


Today Eamon spotted a man smoking on our way into the grocery store. He quipped, "Look, Mama, that man is smoking...Doesn't he know it is bad for his body!" He then proceeded to tell me to advise the man that smoking is bad for his body. The man overheard and agreed with Eamon.


Today, Dave was asking Aine who everyone was in the family. He then asked her, "What is mama's name?" She looked back and forth between us. She was stumped. Then her eyes lit up, and she said "MILKY"