Monday, October 27, 2014

Welcoming Autumn, Our Way

Cooler temperatures have arrived here in Arizona. We are celebrating those 80 degree temperatures with loads of time outside. Each year to celebrate the arrival of fall and all things pumpkin, we head to the Desert Botanical Gardens for the annual Pumpkin Festival. This year we went with many of our friends. After a quick hayride, the kiddos set about finding pumpkins. Keeping with tradition, Aine and Benton picked large pumpkins. (The rule is that you must carry whatever pumpkin you pick back to the car). Eamon deviated from his past selections and chose the smallest one he could find. They each decorated their pumpkins and ran around the "field" for a bit.

There was a small petting zoo filled with goats, pigs and chickens. Eamon was enamored with the piglets. He made a very convincing case on the merits of buying one. I admit the babies were very cute, and the owner was quite convincing. We decided to wait and do a bit more research. Once home, Dave put a kabosh on that idea when he discovered the pig must live inside due to our urban address. Undeterred, Eamon is still working on adding more animals to our very small homestead.