Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Red Stuff

Aine LOVES bandaids. She is comforted by their application. After bumping her head or falling, she often cries, "I need a bandaid!" After several boxes of bandaids, we have decided on a "bandaids are only used when bleeding" rule. Now when Aine is injured, she will plead, "My owie, it's bleeding!" This is used regardless of the presence of actual blood.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

4 1/2

Happy Half-Birthday, Eamon!!!

Eamon has eagerly been awaiting his half-birthday. He wants to have cake and share it with everyone (he was a bit disappointed to learn that we would only be dining with Grandma and GrandDad - no daddy and no Malia).

At 4 1/2, Eamon is coming into his own. He loves to find insects outside. He catches them and names them. His favorite name is Squirmy Wormy; this name has been given to a spider and a praying mantis. He takes good care of the bugs giving them food and water. He cries when they die, which has led to many discussions of habitats, environments and our role as humans on the planet. His fascination leads to discussions of all types of spiders and insects.

Eamon continues his love of climbing. His favorite spot is high in the Palo Verde tree. While camping, he tried climbing some of the pine trees. He is also trying to extend his climbing at the park by climbing up the outside of the slide.

Dressing up is an everyday pursuit. With relish, he creates intriguing ensembles. He recently wore his winter jacket and bike helmet to a lunch-time concert at the Mesa Art Center. His current favorite is dressing as a cowboy, donning GrandDad's boots, a vest, Dave's old work hat and the stick horse. He is ready to ride the range.

Eamon loves babies. He is very excited that one will be joining our household next year. He likes to help which was exhibited this past week when Kai stayed with us during the day. He enjoys talking to the babies and finding them new toys. He is constantly asking if things are suitable toys or too small. He even mentioned to Kai that he is her big brother.

Eamon enjoys having his sister as his best friend. They explore the park, outside and play for hours in the playroom. They do have disagreements, but he is working hard on using his words. He has even learned some tricks to dealing with two year olds. It is comical to watch. He is becoming quite the older brother.

Eamon's vocabulary continues to amaze as well as his insights into the world. He has begun exploring word combinations usually in an attempt to upset someone. He craves knowledge and is constantly asking about the ideas and things he encounters in the world. I often have to reply, "I am not sure, we will have to look it up".

Eamon, you are a pleasure and a joy. We are lucky to have you in our family. Your generous heart and loving spirit combined with your insatiable curiosity amaze me every day.

Happy Half-Birthday!!!

2007 Days

Eamon celebrated his half birthday today. Unfortunately mama was sick, so no cake was made. Instead we ate pizza pie.

Eamon is a great big brother. He enjoys playing with his sister and often can be found creating grand schemes with her. He often tries to make his little brother laugh. He prances around everyone trying to lighten the mood.

He enjoys dressing up, playing with Legos and K'NEX, building with blocks, using real tools and reading. He is starting to read a bit on his own, but prefers to have someone read to him. He loves to have a costume for his adventures and will wear just about any ensemble.

Eamon is growing fast.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Eamon has been talking with a bit of a British accent ltely. We aren't sure where he picked it up. We have been reading some Irish tales, and he watched Wind in the Willows. It is rather comical to hear him.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Almost three months

Sorry for the LLLOOOOONNNNNGGGG hiatus. I have quite a few works in progress right now. My biggest has slowed me down exponentially. I am currently pregnant, so I have been tired. As soon as the first trimester fog started to lift, I became sick. Hopefully that fog will pass soon. Right now I have a second sock for Dave on the needles and a birthday surprise. I have a lot of projects in the plan - just looking for time and energy.


The first quote in this video is my all-time favorite. It speaks volumes to me.