Thursday, October 30, 2008

More Knitting

I started these sockes while driving home from Ohio. I wish I wore a size 7 shoe, because I would be done by now. My problem is that I am never sure when to stop the cuff. Now? no, now? now? UGH! Pride Socks
Pattern: Jenny Wren Socks
Yarn: Regia Sock Yarn
(more info on Ravelry)

I really want to finish them by election day, since Arizona has a marriage proposition on the ballot.


I received a gorgeous hank of Three Irish Girls Galenas Chunky yarn in the mail. I belong to the Stash Menagerie yarn of the month club (which was a fantastic use of some birthday money). It had my favorite colors in it, so I immediately cast on for a hat for me. Alas, I didn't bother checking my gauge. It was off, so I am short a few yards for my hat. I will have to frog and cast on with smaller needles. I did contact TIG to see if I could get another skein for a pair of mittens. Woo Hooo! Knitting for me.

Vacation Knitting

Here are the items completed on our cross-country travels last month. Details can be found on Ravelry.Anniversary Yarn Scarf
Pattern: Lace Ribbon Scarf
Yarn: Colinette Jitterbug in CopperbeachMy Socks
Pattern: You're Putting Me On
Yarn: Knit Picks Felici in DakotaFingerless Gloves
Pattern: Fetching
Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted in Brownberries


According to my stylist, my hair has wave and CURL. Amazing what a few pregnancies and nursing can do to your hair.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Costumes

A cape, withes socks, witches dress and bat wings were desired for the autumnal festivities. It took me a bit to get started, but everything was met with rave reviews. They wore the outfits all day. E exclaimed, "This is the best costume ever!"

Monday, October 27, 2008

Spooky Pumpkins

We carved pumpkins today, since Dave was off work. The kids made designs, but were lured away from their ideas by images Daddy found on the web. Eamon did a vampire, Aine a ghost and Benton a silly face.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Arizona Girl

Outisde Temp: 52
Indoor Temp: 73

A: It is so chilly outside. If we go outside, we will have to wear a jacket. A warm jacket.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Eamon enjoys constructing and deconstructing things. He likes to grab his tools and head out to the backyard for some creating. He thought about being Bob the Builder for Halloween, but changed his mind to something more spooky.

Sitting Tall

Benton can now sit without assistance. He can not only sit unassisted, but he can get into a seated position by himself. When laid on the ground, he quickly maneuvers himself to sit. Amazing!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


As an American educator, I cannot help but be struck by certain paradoxes. In America we pride ourselves on being focused on children, and yet we do not pay sufficient attention to what they are actually expressing. We call for cooperative learning among children, and yet we rarely have sustained cooperation at the level of teacher and administrator. We call for artistic works, but we rarely fashion environments that can truly support and inspire them. We call for parental involvement, but are loathe to share ownership, responsibility, and credit with parents. We recognize the need for community, but we so often crystallize immediately into interest groups. We hail the discovery method, but we do not have the confidence to allow children to follow their own noses and hunches. We call for debate, but often spurn it; we call for listening, but we prefer to talk; we are affluent, but we do not safeguard those resources that can allow us to remain so and to foster the affluence of others. — Howard Gardner

Monday, October 06, 2008

Higher Education here they come

I finally made the plunge and started 529 plans for the kiddos. It has taken me 5.5 years! It seemed like such a daunting task. There are so many plans to consider. Luckily my state provides tax considerations regardless of the plan you choose. I decided after reading a few finance blogs and perusing Bankrate on the Ohio CollegeAdvantage plan. The biggest draw aside from low fees and solid investments was the fact that they are currently offering a $25 referral and sign-up bonus. The initial investment needed is only $25. E already has $75 from the start-up money and a referral from his sister. The same will be for A. B will have $50 just from the sign-up bonus. It seemed like an easy way to begin.

How to Earn Your Referral Bonus

  1. Open a new 529 account with $25.
  2. Enter the following referral code: 2429910.
  3. You will receive a $25 credit to your account within 7-10 business days after your account is established. (And E will get $25 for referring you.)
  4. You must establish an account on or before December 15, 2008 in order to be eligible to receive the referral bonus.
  5. Let me know if you decide on this plan.
So now for holidays, birthdays or any special occasion, you can always just add money to their 529 plans.

Saturday, October 04, 2008


We spent the morning birding with the Desert Rivers Audubon Society. They were leading groups at the Chandler Environmental Education Center. We borrowed binoculars and found 12 different bird species with the help of our guide - Turkey Vultures, Kildeer, Black-necked Stilts, Double Crested Cormorants, Say's Phoebe and many more . Eamon and Aine really enjoyed finding the birds and trying to focus on them with the binoculars. Benton hung out on mama's back and enjoyed the fresh air. The temperature was mild and our day was beautiful. We plan on going again next month as they lead the birding tours on the first Saturday of the month until April.

Friday, October 03, 2008


Aine has begun a new session of Irish Dance. She is not joined by her brother, but that does not slow her down. She really enjoys the dancing and is happy to resume her class.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Loving Them

I finally got rid of my stinky Born Mary Jane shoes. They were so stinky I could smell them at my height of 5'10" while wearing them. I found a pair of Dansko Mary Janes online that are fantastic replacements. Don't you agree?