Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Aine is a delightful little girl who is fast becoming a spirited individual. She laughs and smiles often and can easily burst into side-splitting laughter. She enjoys knock-knock jokes and will often test them on you. She enjoys soccer and dance class. She is a very strong climber and is practicing her hand over hand skills. She loves climbing all play structures including the outside of most slides. Aine enjoys games and puzzles. She can quickly put most puzzles together and loves doing them with you. Aine loves stories and will bring you a stack of books if you are sitting down. She enjoys picture as well as most chapter books. Her dolls are her favorite toys, and she can often be found mothering them and playing house. She is a protector of all those smaller than her and often helps little children while at the playground, park, meetings or playdates. Aine feels everything deeply and is discovering her words while dealing with her feelings. She struggles at times with her big brother, but heartily loves and enjoys his company. She will often ask about her siblings the moment she wakes up. She is very concerned about mamas and babies and wonders aloud about the presence or absence of each in stories or while out and about. Happy, Happy Birthday Aine! You are a delight and we are lucky to have you.