Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dogs, dogs, dogs

Eamon's art class was off for two weeks due to Spring Break. On Monday, he played with salt dough. Mr. Matt showed him how to make an animal(dog) by using separate pieces of dough. He also made a cat and a snowperson. The salt art stayed with Mr. Matt to dry. After the salt dough, Eamon used watercolors to make another dog. They talked about putting different pieces together to make the whole.

Monica Shirt

I found this little tank-top shirt to make for the Aine & her cousins. I picked up some yarn and am finished with the front of one. I have already decided future ones will be knit on circulars - no seaming that way. It is a really easy pattern and knits quickly.

Spring Training

We went to an Angels game yesterday with friends. The kids really enjoyed it (especially the cotton candy and sno-cones). The group of kids shared their treats and the sunshine. It was a wonderful afternoon.

Walk for Epilepsy

Brennan, a friend of the kids, had a brain tumor removed in November. His surgery went well, but he now has seizures. His physicians think he probably has epilepsy now. He is back in school and doing well. His family invited us to participate in the Epilepsy Foundation of Arizona WalkWe had a fun time walking and enjoying the activities. There was a performing family that entertained the kids with juggling, gymnastics and face-painting. Aine did not have her face painted, but Eamon did. He loved the results.

Great Weather

After a brief warm spell, we have been enjoying beautiful Spring weather. The kids cannot spend enough time outside. They enjoy riding their bikes, playing train, painting and climbing. Eamon often gives Aine rides on the back of the tricycle as he puffs down the railroad track.

Evening Out or Graduation

Uncle Petey

Uncle Petey came for a quick visit a few weeks ago. Aine loves her uncle. She had a constant refrain of Peeee-Teeee. Eamon enjoyed looking at his pictures of India - especially all the animals.Eamon & Aine, however, were disappointed to learn that Uncle Petey doen't live with Grandma and GrandDad permanently. Eamon wanted to show him his Spidey face-painting.

Botanical Gardens

The kids continue to explore and enjoy the Botanical Gardens. We visited the butterfly exhibit and worked on identifying the various butterflies. We wore bright colors, but none of them landed on us. The butterflies were very active and exciting to watch.

While there, we also checked out the art by Patrick Dougherty. He did an onsight sculpture out of branches. It was cool.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

New Kicks

I finally spent my Christmas gift from my parents. I am now the proud owner of a pair of Bordeaux colored Birks.

Burn it Off

Yesterday I tested the theory that you cannot burn your fat off from friction. Apparently you just get major chafing burns. Oh well, I guess I have to keep running. From now on I will wear the appropriate attire and not just cotton workout shorts.

Monday, March 12, 2007


Aine loves hats and often dons them. She also loves to create hats out of toys, clothes, silks, etc. It doesn't matter if they fit. She wears them with panache.

Science Center

Eamon LOVES the Arizona Science Center. We took Grandma and Pap last week. Eamon enjoys dressing up in the construction garb in the housing exhibit. Aine loves to drop the marbles and throw balls into the sneezing nose. They both enjoy our visits and hate to leave. On the way home, Eamon usually asks if we cn go back tomorrow.


Pap is an avid cyclist. He was able to ride several times during their visit capitalizing on the great weather. The first time he heded out, Eamon & Aine started running around the house grabbing their helmets and bikes. They were going on a bike ride with Pap. He rode up and down the street with him until he finally headed out for his ride. They loved it.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


I LOVE gardening. Don't tell anybody! I love seeing our vegetables peek out and watching the kids spot them. I enjoy handing Eamon and Aine peas fresh from the garden. Their faces light up when they experience the tastes. I am amazed at how well our garden is doing.
Our winter garden was great, however it is currently infested with bugs. We brought a bevy of ladybugs home today and set them free this evening. Hopefully they can do their thing, and we can plant some summer crops there.Our spring/summer garden is beginning to be planted, and I hope for good results as well. We lost quite a bit to the frost, so I planted new basil.
Here are a few of my favorite pictures. I am really happy that the sunflowers bloomed.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Breakfast Picnic

Eamon decided that he and Aine were going to have a picnic the other morning. He packed cereal, bowls, and spoons in his lunch bag. They carried out a blanket for the ground as well as extra blankets and eventually pillows. They tried to have lunch on their picnic blanket as well, but Ava kept eating their sandwiches.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Birthday Crown

Here is a felt crown I made for one of my nieces. It took me a bit to figure out the design, but I think it turned out nice. The verdict will come when she opens her present.


Not much has happened in the crafting arena since my lst posts. I made and threw away a pair of socks. I finished a purse for Amy's birthday. I have many projects waiting - just need to get started. I am alone today, so I should be crafting *shrug*

My Cousin

Mr Matt (art teacher): Eamon, how old are you?

Eamon: I'm three. My birthday is April 25th, and I will be four. My cousin, Ashlyn, she's four. She lives in Texas. She's my friend. I'm going to drive and visit her.

I think Mr Matt got a little more than he bargained for.

Picture of a Garden

Eamon drew a picture of an elephant for his art class "homework."He also drew a giraffe as a bonus.

In class today, he drew a garden, outlined it in crayon and then painted it. He really loves the painting and always wants to do more as soon as we get home.


Aine, Pap and GrandDad were talking about tails the other day.

GrandDad: Aine, where is your tail?

Aine, while looking behind her and pointing to her bottom: Off!

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Sorry about the number of posts today. The kids and I were sick for several weeks. The house is a mess, but we are starting to get back on our feet.

Feeding the Ducks

We spent an afternoon at Eldorado Park feeding the ducks and swinging. Aine had a blast. She would lean back and belly laugh at the antics of the ducks.