Tuesday, March 08, 2011

An Auspicious Day

The first part of the year is busy for us. It isn't the usual complaint of classes, activities, field trips, and other myriad obligations. Rather it is a fun type of busy and craziness. We celebrate ALL of our family birthdays between February 3 and April 25. Add in a wedding anniversary in early May, and it makes for a celebratory funfest. It is a whole lot of cake eating and present wrangling! 

Thus far, we have celebrated the birth of a six year old and a forty year old. Today is my turn. I have made it around the sun 39 times! Hard to believe. I am relishing in all the birthday wishes, however it is tough when your birthday is a mere four days after your spouse's. It sometimes gets overlooked, and it is definitely a bit anticlimactic. I originally thought it so romantic to have close birthdays. Reality is different especially when you are a bit of an attention seeker! 

My mother was the first to call and wish me a happy birthday. As we closed, I remembered to wish her a happy birthing day. Today was not only my birthday, but the day she became a mother. She chuckled, and agreed that I had started it all. 

What my day holds is blank opportunity. The kiddos and I have talked about going to the park, the zoo or even to join in on a walk across a bridge in town. Why a bridge walk? In addition to being my birthday, it is International Women's Day. It is marked by women walking on bridges and marking the day throughout the world.

I never realized I shared my birthday with such an auspicious event.  I learned of the dual significance of the day in the last few years. Perhaps I had previously been distracted by my celebrations! I wonder what women years before me would think of women today. I wonder what our mothers' mothers would think. Have we done enough? Would they do things differently? What strides are yet to come for our daughters and granddaughter?

Whatever today holds, I know it will be an amazing day. I look forward to it and the year to come.

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