Thursday, March 24, 2011

Finding Treasures

Recently Aine and I went treasure hunting. Our destination was the local Goodwill. We were mainly looking for a manual typewriter. Of course, we had to check everything out. We didn't want to miss any hidden treasures. The store was crazy, since it was half price Saturday. We looked at the electronics first hoping to find a typewriter or perhaps a vintage sewing machine. Yes, I like old sewing machines. Yes, I have a couple. Yes, this may indicate a problem.

We checked out the books from there. We found a paperback copy of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. It made its way into our basket. Aine wanted to look for toys. This particular Goodwill lacks a good toy area. We checked the toy rack without success. I then led Aine to the sheet and fabric area (another one of my weaknesses). As we were looking around the vintage sheets, I noticed a large hat on the top of one rack. I pulled it down for Aine. She has wanted a straw hat for a couple weeks. She always has a particular idea of what she wants, and not just anything will do. This hat was perfect. It even had a pink ribbon to tie it on her head. She loved it.

Aine decided the hat needed flowers. She thought she saw some in another section of the store, so we headed that direction. That child sure knows her stuff. I always tell her she has really sharp eyes, because she can find treasures that others miss. Sure enough, there were a couple bags of light pink roses. Perfection! She quickly snatched them up. As we were celebrating her finds, I noticed a loaf pan on a nearby shelf. This wasn't just any loaf pan, but a Pampered Chef stoneware pan. I grabbed it.

We checked out spending a whopping total of $3. Aine checked the display case on the way out. A sparkly ring caught her eye. She asked the attendant if she could try it on her finger. It was a beaded ring with a flower. She was desperate to buy it despite the very long lines. With her money in hand, she marched back into line. Aine bought herself that ring for $1.

When we arrived home, Aine immediately started decorating her hat. She showed the rest of the family modeling it with pride. Eamon was quite impressed with his sister's finds. He dressed up, and escorted her around the front yard. Aine and I proclaimed it a good treasure hunting day.


  1. Great new banner, love it!
    Sounds like one of those awesome shopping days. maybe I shd bring Aine with me next time I go to Goodwill! I love that Eamon dressed up and escorted Aine round the front yard in celebration, what a wonderful big brother he is!

  2. We've been looking for a manual typewriter too. No luck at our GW on Monday. Very pretty hat, Aine!

  3. Having seen both the hat and the ring I can atest to the fact that Aine is a very good and dedicated shopper she is! Eamon is also quite a handsome escort! Very good pictures and love the kidlets!