Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not Much to See Here

The weather has been beautiful here. We have been spending much of our time at the park or riding bikes outside.
With the outdoors calling, I have had little time to knit. My sweater is moving along. The body is almost done (have I been saying that each week). I am sure of it now. Just need to begin the arms. I also realized I need to get moving on a couple pair of gift longies. So much for having "plenty of time." I am now down to the wire. 

Reading has been easier since I joined a gym. I was conflicted about joining one, but I was not exercising like I should. I try to walk daily, but things happen. Carving out that time for me is a bit easier with a gym membership. I head out each morning and workout before anyone is up. The early alarm isn't easy(5am is tough!), but I have time for working out and a bit of time to read. I am still reading Freedom by Jonathan Franzen and liking it quite a bit.

Perhaps next week I will have pictures that mark some visible progress in my knitting and in my reading.


  1. I'd say there's something to see - lots of sunshine! Sure wish we had some of that warm weather here.
    Have a great week!

  2. i keep thinking about a gym membership . . . i really hate waking up early, but i could even squeeze in a good hour if i woke up at 6. hmmm.

  3. Anonymous1:34 PM

    it is rare to find new books here, but i got a copy of freedom last week, after i saw your post. i'm not that far into it, but it is keeping my attention! i really like it so far. reading at the gym though...i've never tried it...might have to, then i'd really be multi-tasking. i have considered bringing a sock with me while riding a bike, but i have visions of yarn escaping and getting caught in the pedals.

  4. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Gyms kinda freak me out but my daughter has been talking of going so I guess I might have to man up and take her.