Friday, March 04, 2011

Feliz Cumpleanos, Mi jefe!

40 Reasons we love you:

1. You play tickle monster
2. You make me laugh
3. You cried at the birth of our first child
4. You play games especially on the Wii
5. You can sing
6. You work hard to provide for your family
7. You are honest
8. You make us coffee
9. You think I look good even pregnant
10. You make delicious kung pao chicken
11. You prefer to drive so I can ride
12. You read to me
13. You can move your eyebrows independently
14. You go along with [most of] my crazy ideas
15. You turn on your lights and sirens for us
16. You can whistle
17. You know how to make fart noises
18. You are good at Minecraft
19. You let me sit on your lap
20. You watch Star Wars with me
21. You make me cheese sandwiches
22. You are tall
23. You take us camping
24. You go hiking with us
25. You can lift me up by my ears
26. You are thoughtful and wise
27. You help me do pull-ups
28. You gave me your watch
29. You let me sleep on your armey
30. You help mama
31. You are fair
32. You are level-headed
33. You are true to those you care about
34. You let me use your ipod
35. You let me use your belt
36. You can find anything on the internet
37. You throw me up into the air
38. You love us
39. You are a fantastic husband
40. You are a good daddy

Happy Birthday, Dave! We love you.


  1. #17: Hahahahaha!
    #21: What kind of cheese (hahahahaha!)

    Add 41: You visit with friends at the hospital when their kid is there.

    Happy Birthday to Eamon, Aine, and Benton's Daddy and Heather's Hubby!

  2. You are a really great son
    You have a huge heart
    You make sure your family is safe
    You are a very honest and you love your personal family and your extended family.
    You are the best!

  3. What a sweet blog. I'm so glad you all love him as he is meant to be loved. I know he loves you all back for those same reasons and many more!!! (Maybe not the lifting him up by the ears one though)... ;)