Thursday, March 31, 2011

Resolutions Revisited

I am doing fairly well on my resolution to take a photo a day in 2011. I have missed 3 days so far. I don't think that is too bad. I am not sure if my skills have improved at all. I tried to read a few photography sites, but I mostly wing it. I hope to learn a bit more and utilize more of the functions on my camera in the next few months.

My 40 pound weight loss goal has been a bit more elusive. I joined a gym, and I have been going most mornings. Despite the dedication to fitness, the scale has moved upwards not down. My clothes are now a bit tight with the added muscle. On the bright side, I can definitely feel and see my muscles emerging. For the next few months, I am focusing more on inches lost and body fat, and less on the scale. I will also be tracking what I eat better.

I am still writing my letters weekly. A couple of weeks, I doubled up to keep on track. I really like writing the letters. I think a hand written note is special and usually well received. I am hoping as the year progresses, I even get a few in return.

Resolutions are tough, but I hope revisiting them will keep me focused.

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  1. Your photo resolution is going so well! I have always been afraid to start something like a photo a day because I know I'd fall off the wagon ;-)