Thursday, March 03, 2011

A Glimpse of Summer

Once I had a plan in place, it has been easy to begin work on the quilt. I have found myself working a lot on my grandmother's quilt blocks this week. I found a yellow Kona cotton that I thought worked really well with the blocks.
Since it is comprised of scraps that my grandmother had on hand, the blocks do not coordinate. The colors and fabrics are all over the board, so the yellow really brings it together.

I decided to make three inch sashing and six inch borders. It is turning out well.
Using my vintage Singer 301 - sews like a dream
I only had a brief problem when I began sewing the strips together. Although I measured a fair sampling to ensure the blocks were all 18" square, my rows did not line up. I had to rip quite a bit. I grabbed more pins and was able to line them up better. It isn't perfect, but I think it works. The quilt reminds of the bright colors of spring and summer.
 I am trying to decide how to back the quilt. I think I will use a few special clothing items from the kiddos in keeping with the scrap idea. I will piece them together to form a strip across the back. The big question is what fabric to use for the main back sections. I am drawn a bit to a gingham, but am thinking perhaps a solid color would be better. Any ideas?


  1. IMO gingham could be fine. It's keeping with the whole scrappy/vintage thing the front has going on. If that's really too "busy" then one of those tone on tone yellow (or whatever color) would be great. It would give you some visual texture but still possibly feel more orderly and not as "dizzy" as some gingham can feel.

  2. It is really beautiful!

  3. I love gingham but it might be too much?
    Does white/yellow polka dot sounds insane? just throwing ideas in the air!

  4. Oh my goodness, this is so wonderful! What an amazing treasure to have passed onto you. Dresden blocks are among my favorite, and yellow too! And gingham, but there is the dizziness issue. I don't think the yellow polka dot idea sounds too crazy! But my idea was maybe a nice springy green. I look forward to seeing the progress!

  5. gorgeous! you worked fast! that yellow was an awesome choice.

  6. Love the yellow, wow does it bring it together! I really like the polka dot idea, I think it would accentuate the yellow circles on the front :)