Sunday, November 06, 2011


Some days these two amaze me. Their relationship ebbs and flows like a river. The first person they look for in the morning after mama is each other. Eamon can make Aine laugh like no other and vice versa. He can also make her scream in frustration. Aine seeks her big brother's help with reading, and he begrudgingly gives it. Of course, he will later show her his special book and read to her. A few days ago Eamon defended Aine from a perceived injustice. Lately they have been collaborating on a game. He has been seeking her help. Seeing them work together makes me pause. I love my children, and I am so glad they enjoy each other.


  1. Anonymous8:56 AM

    How beautiful! What a gift - to all of you.

  2. it is pretty amazing when that glimmer shows up. the boys are like that too.. they may be at each others throats one day, but the next they are playing together, reading to each other, making things for each other. it is so sweet and nice to see that blossom. :)