Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Zoo Season

With our temperatures dropping, our outdoors activities are soaring. We suffer from hibernation mode during the summer. By the time fall arrives we are itching to get back outdoors. Recently our homeschool group visited the zoo. 

The kiddos were eager to run around the treehouse and explore the small creek that runs under it. As they played, excavators worked on the surrounding area. It seems our zoo is continually trying to improve and upgrade the environment. A new orangutan exhibit just opened in the past few months and the kiddos were excited to check it out again with their friends. We stopped for a few snacks while watching a video about the apes and reading the signs. The new enclosure is such an improvement over the previous cement exhibit. The four apes have a bigger area as well as several interior rooms. They even have grass now! 

Benton and Eamon were surprised when the baby orangutan swung down to the inside viewing window to watch them eat carrots. Baby Kasih just watched them eat and appeared to want to nibble the offered food despite the glass separating her from Benton. It was heartbreaking and fascinating at the same time.
More monkeys were the plan as we then visited monkey village and the squirrel monkeys. Everyone enjoyed watching the small run along the ropes and explore.
This was the end of most of our animal viewing. The children started stroller and wagon rides along the walkway outside the exhibit. They hooked together a couple wagons to form and train and enjoyed themselves immensely. They also played at the adjacent rock cave.
With tired bodies and short fuses, we decided to take a trip on the train since one of the moms had a free pass for the group. It was just what we needed to refuel. The same mom offered carousel rides as the grand finale. All three kiddos climbed onto the carousel animals. Aine stuck close to the other mom and her young son, while I stayed near the boys. We even attempted a photo in the carousel mirror. It didn't work so well.

After our carousel rides, we were sad to find out the zoo was closed. Heading out to the car, I discovered the new exit requires that you walk through the gift shop. This did not please me, but we all did well. Eamon even told those in the group that it is marketing by the zoo to get you to buy more stuff. It was truly a wonderful day with friends, and I think we all had a pretty good time!


  1. Anonymous9:51 PM

    I hibernate during the summer, too. :-) So glad you had such a fun outing.

  2. What a fun day!! BTW-- I LOVE your hair!! It's so long!!! The pictures were great and I'm glad to know that you love the zoo so much!! :-)

  3. i love love love that picture of you at the end. that was a good day. :)

  4. what a lovely family...looks like an awesome day out...

  5. Sounds like a super fun day Out!

    Ooooh, cement enclosures for animals. Don' like that at all. Thankfully, ours (zoo) is under a multimillion dollar improvement, for the last few years.
    Less heart-breaking for grown ups. :)

  6. I love the zoo so much. I haven't been to the two that are close to us, yet, unfortunately. I keep waiting for a good weekend and I think it might not happen this year. Lovely pictures!

  7. Sounds like you had a very great day with the kidlets. By the way, I love your hair, you look like you are about 16 again. Your father in law loves it too. He told me to look and see how good Heather looks! Very much a complement by the way. Much love.