Thursday, November 03, 2011

Socktober Wrap-up

I bet you didn't know that October is known as Socktober to knitting enthusiasts. It is, and this year I joined in yet again. Usually I knit a mystery sock written by Kristen Kapur of Through the Loops. This year, she had to postpone her design. Let on my own, I decided to knit one of her other designs. I also wanted to finish Aine's stocking.

I actually did even better than I had planned. I finished two pairs of socks and Aine's stocking in October. I also knit through the cuff on another pair of socks. Here are a few photos of what I made this month (oh, and mums the word, because most are gifts).
Crazy Socks 10/17/11
Reverse Socks 10/30/11
Next Stocking Completed 10/30/11


  1. WOW... the stocking is incredible!!! You're so talented!!! Are you (by any chance) working on a design for the beard hat??? ;-)

  2. i love those rainbowy socks. i am always amazed at how much you get done. it isn't like all you knitted was a couple pair of socks and that awesome stocking! lol

  3. You shouldn't have posted a picture of my rainbow gift socks on here! Now I won't be surprised. But I'll wear them anyway.

  4. Right now I am focusing on the holiday gifts for my kiddos. Everyone else has to wait in line, Cathy :)

    True, Heather, I also knit a scarf/shawl, a cowl, a couple hat, fingerless mitts and legwarmers. Woo I have been on fire!

    Michelle - they are too small for you! Next year.