Thursday, November 24, 2011


Today we celebrated Thanksgiving with my parents, father in law, brothers, sisters in law and many nieces and nephews. Much food was consumed, balls were tossed, football was watched and dishes washed. It was a full day and one which reminds us to express our gratitude.

Here are a few things for which we are thankful:
* a healthy family
* LEGO Universe
* a new Barbie and matching movie
* gifts from friends to pass the time healing
* hospital room service
* Aine's presence at home where she belongs
* amazing out of this world friendships both close and afar
* Minecraft
* family
* beautiful weather
* full bellies
* time with grandma
* cousins
* new babies expected in the family (my brother and SIL)
* a home
* quick healing
* the internet
* yarn
* technology
* each other

Hope everyone regardless of what you celebrate had a wonderful day.


  1. <3 very much love this. i am so happy aine is home and doing so well. happy thanksgiving.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! I love the lego thankfulness the best ;) My son used to spend hours on lego building.

  3. So glad your sweet girl is home. She looks wonderful! ~ Barefoot Mama