Monday, November 21, 2011


Today has been a very long day. My little girl was admitted to the hospital for a scheduled surgery. I have been so nervous and scared about this day.  It has occupied most of my thoughts for the past 2 weeks. Dave and I sat with very dear friends for three hours waiting to hear about our child. It was quite possibly the longest wait of my life. It is so hard to see your seemingly healthy child leave your side to be put under anesthesia and endure a major surgery. I cried. Dave made me laugh. We waited. Finally the surgeon told us all went well, and we could see Aine.

While we waited to be taken back to see her, the fire alarms went off. We had to seek shelter while hospital staff ascertained the problem and determined if evacuation was needed. As we waited all I could think of was our little girl. Finally, the alarms subsided, and we were able to see her. We both stroked her hair and whispered to her as she awoke from sedation.

Many friends have visited, sent flowers/balloons/goodie bags and texted words of comfort. The boys came to check on their sister and were relieved to see her.  We are fortunate to have such support from the our friends, family and the hospital staff.

Aine is tired and so very sore. Her tummy hurts. She is nauseous. We will linger in the hospital a few more days waiting to go home. There will be even more waiting as her body heals. Fortunately as we wait, we are comforted with the knowledge that our little girl will be fine. And for that I am grateful.
(Disregard her purple lips - she had just had a grape popsicle)


  1. I am so sorry to hear about such a stressful time for your family! You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Wishing for a quick, comfortable recovery for Aine

  2. That sounds so very difficult :( I'm glad the surgery is over and everything went well, and wish her quick healing.

  3. It is always so scary when we hand over our children to someone else. I am glad to hear your little girl is well and on the mend. Sending wonderful thoughts for all of you! xx

  4. I hate waiting, especially in a hospital. It seems like time goes so very slowly there. I am so happy for you that your daughter is on the mend and the worst is over.

  5. awe... i would have a hard time if my child needed surgery. that must've been very stressful for you mama. i'm so glad she's all well and i like the last bit of humor in your caption - purple grape popsicle lips. everything's going to be okay! : ) she's a pretty sleeping beauty btw.

  6. Oh, goodness. How frightening for all of you.
    I am so, so glad everything went smoothly, and you'll have her home, soon!
    It's like walking around without your heart and head, until then.

  7. My goodness.. keeping healing thoughts in mind!