Wednesday, April 03, 2013


Since I arrived home in Arizona two and a half weeks ago, there has not been much knitting. After I finished the red Annabel sweater in the car, I worked a bit on a pair of socks. With the forty degree increase in temperature, it took a bit for me to adjust and get my knitting mojo back. It just seemed weird to work on hats, mitts, and sweaters with summer right around the corner.

Despite my lack of motivation, I was able to cast on two projects. The first was a baby sweater for one of my nieces, expected to arrive later this year. It wasn't quite right, so I ripped it all out. With a bit of help from a friend, I think I have found a pattern that will work better. I also started a shrug out of Dream in Color in the Cocoa Kiss colorway. The pattern is fairly straight-forward and knits quickly. I am about halfway through it. I am a little worried that the yarn looks like faded black jeans. Aine and I decided I should have picked a brighter summery color, but I was working from stash yarn.  I am hoping to finish it up next week and resume the baby sweater.
With the decrease in knitting, I have been reading quite a bit. I read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I enjoyed the first half of the book much more than the last. It became a bit fantastical and the characters more annoying. It was a compelling read though. I am currently reading Beautiful Ruins based on Amanda's recommendation. I am just begining to be drawn into the story. I started a new audiobook too. I am now listening to The Poisonwood Bible. It is quite enjoyable thus far. The narrator has a southern accent which reminds me of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. I also read and listened to it many years ago, so I may add it back to my reading list. It deserves a rereading.

Joining up again with Ginny for her Yarn Along.

*I will hopefully have pictures of my Leaves of Grass blanket as well as the Annabel sweater this weekend. It is much to hot to model them right now.


  1. the poisonwood bible is one of my all time favorite books read it many time. <3
    so did you ever finish the leaves of grass shawl?? personally i think the yarn looks lovely.:)

    1. heehee should have read that wee little bit of your post. heehee

  2. i hope your adjusting goes well heather, what a lot of changes you've gone through. i bet your log and annabel turned out lovely, can't wait to see. gone girl did not work for me, really didn't enjoy it at all. but poisonwood bible, love! it's been a long time since i've read it, maybe it's time to reread.

  3. The shrug pattern looks lovely, it's one I haven't seen before. It will be amazing in that gorgeous rich colour yarn. I look forward to seeing how the leaves of grass turns out...looks good so far.

    I seem to remember amazing descriptions in The Poisenwood Bible, like a quiet moment between Orleanna (I think) and a deer when they just spot each other in the woods. I hope you enjoy listening to it again.

    I hope that you get back into the rhythm of the warmer clime too. It must be difficult to go from one extreme to the other so quickly...but a great adventure.

    We are still waiting for our spring weather here. Although we are having some sunny days it's freezing cold...we fool ourselves indoors with heating and the bit of the day when the heat of the sun manages to warm up the windows. But so far thankfully we've missed the really extreme weather so many have experienced this year.

    Happy knitting and reading.

  4. For not knitting a lot you are knitting a lot. I love the lace design!! I hope you get more time to get your knitting hobby in.