Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Turning a Corner

I haven't been knitting. Every day I pack my knitting into my bag, venture out and return home without ever touching it. I have been in a knitting funk. The other night I decided I needed to break out of it. I pulled the shrug out of my bag and set to work. After a bit of analysis, I realized that I had done too many repeats, so I ripped part of the knitting out. With that fixed, I began the ribbing. At the park yesterday I turned a corner and finished the ribbing on the main body of the shrug. Today I will block it so that I can seam up the sides and begin the final ribbing section. I am a bit concerned about my remaining yarn quantity, but I am hopeful. I think I just need to finish this project. It seems to have hurt my knitting alacrity.

I am back to reading The Sandcastle Girls. I took a break to read Beautiful Ruins, which I very much enjoyed. I would recommend it both books. They are quite different, but both engaging stories.


  1. I'm glad to hear you found that corner and I would love to see your piece when it's blocked.

    Thanks for the book recommendations, I love the title, Sandcastle Girls.

  2. i have been in a knitting funk as well. can't wait to see the shrug. :)

  3. If you do not pack your knitting you know that is when you would want it the most!! Glad you picked it up and ripped out the repeats and carried on through :)

  4. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Sandcastle Girls sounds such a lovely title for a book. The shrug looks nice.

  5. Loved Beautiful Ruins, too; need to add Sandcastle Girls to the list. Isn't it funny the way knitting mojo ebbs and flows? Glad to see your mojo is do such wonderful work! (I'm somewhat stalled on my Leaves of Grass....and just moved to other things.....but everytime I think of yours, I want to pull it back out!)

  6. Thank you for the book recommendations. I will be adding them to my goodreads list.
    My fingers are!