Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Free Days

A week or so ago, the kiddos and I headed out to the Desert Botanical garden for a free afternoon among the wildflowers. Wildflower season here in the desert is brief but gorgeous. For a few short weeks in the spring, the desert awakens in full bloom. The flowers come in a range of colors-white, orange, red, pink and yellow. I really like the garden most of the year, but this time is special. It is a magical time. 

The garden was a bit busier than usual, since there was free admission. We have had a membership in the past, but let it lapse with our trip to Virginia. I think we will be renewing our membership again as I like it a bit less crowded! The kiddos ran along the trails to find the secret climbing tree. They pointed out flowers and examined the artwork installation. The weather was a beautiful for the excursion.


  1. i was wondering if you were going to post some pictures. your photos turned out so nice. just loved that day so much fun. <3

  2. What a neat place! Looking forward to wildflowers here!
    I also love having passes to places we love... So much more fun to go when it is not crowded. It feels like we can maintain a much slower pace to enjoy the space.

  3. the first piece confused me. i thought, "now, that is in amazing desert flower!"

    :) i only know the swamp!

    1. Too funny. That is actually a piece of artwork.