Monday, April 22, 2013

Our Weekend

The weekend was full of friends and family. Saturday evening was spent saying goodbye to friends who travel to other states during the summer. They opened their home to a group of us for the celebration. The kiddos had loads of fun building a fire with some of the parents, chopping wood, climbing a rope, digging a tunnel and practicing pull-ups. No one wanted to leave, although we eventually did with a car full of Alaskan caught salmon and grass-fed beef from the resident fisherman/rancher. Sunday was a bit quieter. Eamon spent the day with a friend and the other kiddos ran errands. Dave upgraded the kiddos computer and I shopped a bit for our upcoming camping trip.


  1. <3 you got some great pix of the fire.

  2. Getting together with friends is always a delight! Sad to say goodbye though for the summer.