Thursday, December 11, 2008

Help Save Handmade

We try to have toys that are from reputable sources. We avoid products manufactured in China, if we cannot determine the company's standards and policies. We tend to buy from small companies that offer natural products (e.g. Bamboletta dolls, Nova Naturals, North Star Toys, Willow Toys, etc). We have given away/thrown away toys that come from disreputable sources.

thus we were pleased when it became a national issue and Congress wanted to help protect children. However, we feel that the current legislation passed in August 2008 and taking effect in February 2009 will hamper our ability to choose the toys we want. It will especially affect small artisans and handmade products. If you are not familiar with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, please take a minute to read about it. It will require everyone to test. On the surface this appears to be a sound decision, however it will drive independent toy makers and artisans out of business due to excessive cost.

Please visit Help Save Handmade for yourself and contact your Representatives and Senators if you feel as we do.

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