Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween was quite an event this year.   We celebrated first with a party at the park with our homeschooling group.  The kids had a great time.  They ate, played and even made fairy dust.

This event was followed by another party with Eamon's Earth Scouts group on Sunday.  The whole family attended and everyone again ran around, ate snacks and had a blast.  We stopped to visit Grandma and GrandDad after the party.  We showed them our costumes and discussed our plans for the night.  Pumpkin carving was next on the day's agenda.  Cleaning the pumpkins was a breeze this year.  Everyone did a great job.  None of the kiddos wanted to do the actual carving, but they had plenty of ideas.  With knives in hands, Dave and I carved their designs.
Here is Eamon's 
and Benton's 

Finally the actual event was upon us.  Eamon initially wanted to be Harry Potter.  He had decided this quite a bit ago, but he changed his mind when he discovered the cloak he would wear.  It did not seem like Harry to him.  Rather it was the costume of a Dementor!

Aine stayed true to her initial plan and dressed as a princess.  In a poofy dress, a little lip gloss and ballet slippers, she hit the streets.
Benton continued the dinocrocogator tradition established by his older siblings.  He didn't always like the hood up, but he loved growling.

We headed out in the neighborhood with a friend.  The kiddos did really well.  Everyone became tired toward the end.  Benton even fell asleep in his stroller.  Once home, the kiddos selected their candy and crawled into bed.  Each of them fell asleep quickly and were excited to find out the candy fairy had come overnight.


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