Sunday, October 06, 2013

Those Boys

Horrible shot from my phone (taken only after I deleted ~45 kid selfies!)
When my friend mentioned that these boys would be coming to Arizona in October, I jumped at the chance to go with her to the concert. Dave didn't really want to go, so it was just me heading out last night. Earlier in the day I didn't want to go. I wanted to see The Avett Brothers perform, but I really wished they could just perform in my family room. The day had been busy with an early morning class for Eamon, clothes shopping with Aine, and general errand running(which I usually avoid at all costs on the weekend!). After a quick 20 minute nap, I was recharged for the evening (although I still wished I could wear jammies and listen in my home).

Clad in jeans and a tee, I headed to the music venue. The evening was gorgeous with cooler temperatures and clear skies. The concert was in an open air venue, which was perfect for the night. Going to that event space brought back a few memories of concerts past. I told my friend that I had not been to the amphitheater, since high school when I went to see New Order. Eventually we found good seats on the tiered level of the lawn at center stage. The Avett Brothers took the stage to great applause and whoops of delight. The set went on for quite a long time transitioning from older songs to upcoming new releases. Their seemingly boundless energy had the whole audience, including some children, moving to the music. I told Aine she should come with me the next time the band is in town. She would love the energy and fullness of sound at such an event.

Those boys are great performers, and I admit to cranking more of their tunes on the drive home and even listened to a bit as I fell asleep. Oh, it was such a good night. I am so glad I went.


  1. ooh how lovely...I've only listened to the Avett brothers on youtube but they sound amazing. Glad your were able to watch them live. It sounds like you had an amazing night.

  2. cannot wait!! i have tickets for thursday night, they are one of my favorite bands OF ALL!! so glad you went and enjoyed!

    1. Lori, you are going to have such an amazing night!