Tuesday, September 20, 2011

At Long Last

While camping this past weekend, Aine asked me to teach her to knit. I think my heart leaped a bit. I have shown Eamon and Aine how to knit in the past several times. We have used looms and actual needles, but it never seemed to spark their interest. They would do just enough to make an i-cord garland and set it aside.

As soon as she asked, I jumped into action. Fortunately I had some cotton blend yarn and a set of straight needles with me. I made a camping dishcloth on the ride north with the needles and yarn. Aine wanted to make one too. I cast-on. She watched intently as I showed her the knit stitch. She asked a few questions and then set to work. Aine sat for a long time with her knitting. She called her big brother over to admire her handiwork thus sparking his interest. I pulled out another set of needles and yarn (you can never be too prepared). I cast-on again and set him to work. Aine offered to help him if he got stuck, since she was an expert. The two of them knit for quite some time. They would oh and ah over their projects. When our friends arrived to the campsite the next day, Aine eagerly told them that she could knit. She pulled out her little dishcloth and proceeded to show them. She now tells everyone that she loves to knit!

As they sat engrossed in their knitting, I worked on the shawl I started last week for Aine. I was able to finish it the next day when I stayed at the campsite while the others went crawdad fishing. It turned out well and used two full skeins of yarn. It is soft and squishy and in its natural unblocked state. Aine loves it. She immediately took it and put it on her shoulders. She wore it the whole time we were camping.

Moody Kerchief  (ravelry link) for my little girl
Since it was quiet at the campsite when I finished the shawl, I cast-on for a pair of mittens using more of my stash yarn. The pattern is Shelbourne from Knitty. It took me a few tries to read the pattern correctly. I insisted on trying to slip one instead of skip one, which I could not get to work. Once I figured it out, both mittens flew off the needles. They are thick and should keep my fingers warm when we are in cold weather. The yarn is from Three Irish Girls. I belonged to her Stash Menagerie Club a few years ago. I made myself a hat and cowl with part of the yarn, but still had a bit leftover for the mittens. I now have a matching set!
Matching Mittens (ravelry link) for me!
As I sat knitting by the campfire, I listened to a new audiobook. Since I had finished Crossing to Safety earlier in the week, I needed a new audiobook. I started Little Bee by Chris Cleave. It is a startling story full of sadness and resilience. I am about halfway through the book, but eager to find out how it ends. I am still reading Ellis Island at night, but my progress is slow. I usually fall into bed exhausted.

How are you doing as you knit and read with Ginny?


  1. Love the photos of the kids knitting, so cute :) Your shawl looks beautifully cosy too

  2. Lovely to see your children knitting! Camping is great for getting lots of knitting done! Gorgeous shawl too!

  3. Anonymous7:50 AM

    It is so fun to see children learning to knit. Camping seems to be a perfect place to try it out. The mittens looks very warm and thick.

  4. Wow! Lots of knitting going on ;o) I love that shawl!

    Shirley Ann

  5. I got excited when you said you were teaching your children to knit! My daughter knows how to knit and once in a while she picks it up. It always gives me a tiny thrill :) The shawl you are wearing is lovely!

  6. Anonymous9:57 AM

    So exciting that your children were interested in learning to knit.

    Love those mittens!

  7. Anonymous12:29 PM

    How wonderful to share something you love with your children! Looks like you'll have two more knitters in the family now. And I love the shawl -- such great stitch patterns! Kathy at http://www.needleandspade.com

  8. YAY A and E!!! How fun for you to get to share something you love so much with them! Making things and seeing the result is such a joy and I'm glad that you all got to share in this activity together!!

    Glad that you're having fun camping too! I hope the kids love it as much as we did as kids... we couldn't get enough camping time!!

  9. It is so exciting when the children express an interest in things like that. Mine know if they think they are getting into trouble it is a sure fire way to get round me :)