Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Playing Games

As a family we love games. We play board games, card games, video games and dice games. Everyone has their favorites, but we will play just about anything.  I get many ideas for new games from my favorite blogs as well as from our homeschooling friends.

Recently I heard about the game, Blink. Aine loves it and is quite good at the fast paced game. We decided to share it with our homeschooling group. We are fortunate to have a vibrant homeschooling group with which we share our love of games on a weekly basis. The children range in age, but everyone plays together. The kids loved Blink. Each could play on their own level. We decided we need a few decks, so more kids and adults can play at one time.

Other favorite games for the group are: Sequence, Sorry, Twister, Bananagrams, Dice games, Apples to Apples, various card games, Connect Four and Blokus. Each week new games are brought as well as old favorites. The games are shared and some even find new favorites. One of our friends loved our Blokus game so much that his mom bought him his own.
I love sharing new games with the group and hearing what games they love. Do you have any favorite games for us to play?


  1. I personally love Mad Gab... it's so fun! Then there's Pass the Pigs... too fun to pass up!! :)

  2. row does love his blokus. :)
    let's see what do we love right now... card games. crazy 8's, war, go fish, old maid, and any sort of game the boys make up with cards. oh and connect four. :)

  3. Spot it! is a favorite we discovered at summer camp. It is one of those rare games that is actually fun for pre-readers and grandparents alike.

  4. We won a basket full of games once last year and our favorite was a homemade one called Don't Eat Pete.