Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Budding Author

Eamon has been writing stories. He wants to write a book - a real book. He crafts tales based on his interests and life. His stories tell of a hero that partners with his younger pesky sister. There are monsters, battles, jokes, and tricks. He will tap out his words on the computer and then read his creation. We took the typewriter into the shop for a quick tune-up so he can continue his masterpieces without using mama's laptop.

Tap, tap, tap his fingers pound on the keyboard. Writing is important to him. He is eager to write, but can be easily dissuaded with too much emphasis on spelling, punctuation and writing rules. He wants to write, but he wants it to be right. We talked about just writing to get his thoughts onto the page. Time can be spent later on the mechanics. Right now he is crafting his tale and having a wonder-filled time.


  1. Awesome!!! Not sure if you know of these sites already or not, but,, and are wonderful sites for young writers!

  2. Definitely check out the sites mentioned previously. They're pretty neat for children's writing.

    I love when I hear of children who want to be writers. Tell him Kudos for me!

    (and editors are supposed to worry about grammar and punctuation ;) )

  3. It's great how you encourage him to keep writing and not worry about all the Spellingand grammer. You are so right that can come later.Love how you didn't worry about the mess on the table. How often does our table, floor, couches....look like that too.