Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Finished and New Beginnings

I finished up the Hermione Socks last week. I made the foot a bit tighter than usual, because the socks were for Dave. The tighter gauge seems to work better with the shoes he wears daily to work.  I finished that pair just in time to start another one. I mentioned last week that I wanted to participate in the Through the Loops mystery sock. I received the first clue and quickly put my empty needles to work. I like how the clue is working up. I am using Miss Babs Yummy 2-ply in the Squash Blossum color way. It is much more yellow than the first photo depicts (it is a bit better in the second one). I am eager for the second clue which will be released tomorrow.
While waiting for the second sock clue to be published, I am working on a Nordic Wind shawl. I chose green and browns for the shawl and plan to use all of the skein in each color. I decided to add a fifth color after I started. I am not sure that was a great idea, because the fifth color is darker than the others. I am hoping the result is still a big, warm, cozy shawl. I am almost done with the third ball of yarn. I hope I can finish this by next week! I feel like my fingers are flying.
Admittedly with all the knitting, there hasn't been much reading. Although it is a good book, I am still working on Nora Webster. Maybe I can finish both the book and the shawl by next week. Then I would have two new things to share on the Yarn Along and the Craft On!


  1. Lovely socks, and I'm really enjoying all those colours - the bright orange, and the more muted, earthy, hazy colours of your shawl. Curious to see how it's coming along!

  2. love that rich deep butter colorway :) My kind of color you know! I've been trying to read more in the new year and so far so good.

  3. That picture of E and A kills me. That's how I think of them in my head... little tiny kiddos.

  4. The socks are wonderful and I love the colors you chose for your shawl - it's going to be
    beautiful and I can't wait to see the finished product.

  5. Anonymous1:09 PM

    Such a lovely blog! It'll be so fun to follow you ~@rebehack

  6. my kind of paradis is when I manage to read and knit at the same time <3