Thursday, January 01, 2015


It begins slowly and quietly; the way I like my days. This year of 2015, the one I say will be about me. I have chosen a new word for the year (stretch, bloom, rooted are words from years past). This year I will remember S E L F and focus a bit more on me.

As I reflect back, rooted described 2014 so well. I reached down and truly settled my bones into this home; building a garden, acquiring and raising chickens, finishing a grand play structure for the kiddos, and settling the interior with paint and much rearrangement of furniture. I rooted myself in my community both physical and cyber. I know my neighbors and talk to them; I am active in my neighborhood. Completion of the county's Master Gardener program led to volunteer opportunities further deepening my connection to my community. This year our connections to our homeschooling community were also strengthened. A new co op began that helped meet my need as well as my children's for a more purposeful gathering. Together with my family, I have become comfortably rooted in this life of mine.

Becoming more rooted in this place and life now requires focus on me and self care. I reached out last year, trying to make my spot defined in the flurry of activity and daily life. While trying to sink my roots, I noticed that I have strayed a bit from taking care of me. I want 2015 to be a year where I stop reacting to life and become more deliberate. I know what I need to be content and purposeful, however quiet, measured days are not easy to find in a busy family of five. This year that begins slowly and quietly, with us all at home to start the day, will be my guide for taking care of self. I plan to return to better eating, more activity and play, reading, knitting and writing. These are things that I enjoy and treasure. These are important to me and make me a better person and parent. I will refine what I give yeses and be more thoughtful with my nos. By making S E L F my guiding word for 2015  I will not only better my life but also carve out a better idea of who I am and what I want to accomplish with this amazing life I have.

*As I did a few years ago, I bought myself a little reminder. An artist friend made me this turquoise bracelet (mer*made jewelry designs). It will help me set my intention for the year. 

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  1. I love this ~ self. I'm feeling a bit the same way, stepping into the new year. Love the bracelet.