Saturday, January 31, 2015

Shades of Arizona

I finished my Nordic Wind shawl last week. It was late in the day, so I couldn't block it in the usual spot - my bed. I decided to try something different after soaking it. I hung it up on the clothesline to dry. The next morning when I went out to check on my shawl, I was surprised to realize the colors in it were the colors of Arizona. With our recent day trip to the sheep bridge fresh in my mind, I found this photo from that day. The shawl and the Arizona landscape are a perfect complement to one another.
 I was quite pleased with my blocked shawl. So pleased I went inside and changed my shirt so I could wear the shawl immediately. I have yarn to make another one, but firs I have a few other projects in the queue. For now I am enjoying these gorgeous spring days and my Arizona shawl.


  1. Those colors!!! You are right - the shawl is perfect for this scenery!

  2. It is beautiful and I love the colors :)