Monday, January 12, 2015

Our Library

Years ago I read about the Little Free Libraries and was enchanted. I loved the idea of sharing books and my love of reading with others. We lived in a neighborhood with rules though, so my dream of having a little spot for books was set aside. Fast forward to our current home. We live in a somewhat walkable, historic neighborhood vibrant with personality. When we moved into the house, I took out the mailbox, the only such structure on the street*. It was quite easy as it was brand new and just slid onto a short post. I could not remove the short post, since it was sunk in cement. I decided that would be the spot for our Little Free Library.

When I mentioned my plan to a friend, she told me about her attempt the previous year to get libraries installed throughout our neighborhood. It had fizzled, but our talk gave it new life. Over the course of the last nine months, there have been neighborhood meetings, book donations, supply donations, and build days. Finally our install date is coming closer, and my dream of a library a reality.

On Saturday Aine, Benton, and I joined fellow neighborhood bibliophiles to decorate boxes. The head builder created a very simple design in hopes that it would speed the process. It doesn't snow and rains very little, so we don't need a peaked roof. Using donated paint, the kiddos set to work. Admittedly I had a different vision, but I quickly set that aside. There was paint on clothing, shoes, hands, and hair. I attached scrap wood shapes painted in an array of colors to the side. We painted a chalkboard sign on another. The three of us added paint to our hands and put our prints on the third. It was deemed a masterpiece. After cleaning up with our friends, I brought two cups of paint home to Dave and Eamon. They quickly added their handprints to our library. One more week and we are ready for the big install. I am ridiculously excited!

*A word of caution in case anyone else wants to remove their mailbox: We live in an urban area and have a mail slot into our home. The curbside box seemed redundant. I asked the postal carrier before I removed the mailbox, and he said he thought it would be fine. He was a substitute. I did get a visit from our regular postal carrier a few days later. She agreed with my decision, but said I would need to clear it with the post master. The routes are timed and that would change it.

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  1. Little Free Libraries are wonderful! Congratulations on getting your project underway. I am excited for you!

    If you ever get low on books, let me know. I like to donate the review copies I get for my blog.

    And, I figured out how to leave comments on Blogger blogs again :-)