Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Increasing the Output

December was a fairly good knitting month for me. Despite a rather bleak knitting year, I was able to finish a few projects before the year closed. I wanted to make a "mama-made" gift for each of the kiddos, and I accomplished that. I knit Eamon a pair of slippers and Aine a sweater-the only photo I have is above. (Benton eschewed my knitting ideas, so I sewed him a fox per his request).

In addition to the gifts, I finished Eamon's stocking. It had languished in the queue too long. I didn't finish it before Santa visited, but I did get it finished just in time to be packed away with the rest of the holiday decorations. He was quite pleased! A pair of socks came off the needles as well as a mystery shawl.

The momentum has continued into the new year. I immediately cast on a pair of socks when I turned the calendar. I am turning the heel on those and plan to keep a pair of socks always at the ready. To keep me going, I am joining Kirsten Kapur again for her mystery sock along. I will be making another sweater for myself as soon as the socks are finished as well as a shawl or two. I hope to get back to creating and making more this year. I am a much better person when given time to create.

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