Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Ribbons & Bows

Christmas was a grand time. We opened gifts from Santa and family in the morning with Grandpa Cates. The kids were beside themselves with excitement. The family, clad in matching pajamas, proceeded to help each other open their gifts.
Eamon was tickled to receive a telescope, guitar and scooter. He started racing around the house before proceeding to the other gifts. He also enjoyed the watch, books and puzzles he received as well as the metal detector (the metal detector has since been used as a vacuum, fishing pool and several other things in addition to finding treasures).
Aine first tooled around the house with her new baby stroller. She started setting her doll-babies up in the crib and hosted several tea parties with her brother. She also loved the puzzles, books, toothbrush and watch.
Eamon and Aine gave Dave new pillows, since Eamon said his were stinky and smelled like him. They also picked out some fabric for a new custom pillow case.
Heather made out huge this year with a new sewing machine, pajamas, a sling for the new baby and many other gifts.
After a bit, GrandDad, Unkie Tim, Auntie Maura, Malia and Kailana arrived to celebrate. More gifts were opened. The kids loved snapping pictures with Eamon's new camera as well as undressing the newest baby doll.The kiddos ran around all day playing with their new gifts. They enjoyed playing with their cousin, but they missed the rest of the clan. (We had a smaller gathering this year, since Auntie Erin had William on December 10. Grandma Williams, Unkie Petey and Auntie Lori were absent from the festivities in Arizona as they shared the holidays with Erin's family. We also were missing Grandma and Pap Ghrist, Aunt Cathy and Uncle Steve and Uncle Scott who were all experiencing a chilly Christmas in Michigan).

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  1. Fun gifts - love the matchy pjs! Santa brought Clara the same camera - in pink. The girls love it...I haven't yet tried downloading their masterpieces though. Should be interesting as they're up to 500-some pictures!