Sunday, June 15, 2008

More Recycling

My craft room (aka The Den) is a mess. I have WAY too many projects going with no completion in site. I decided to try to tackle the mess one stack at a time and not just move things around the room. I took a stack of sweaters I had set aside for baby soakers and longies. I cut into them and fashioned three pairs of longies for Baby B. He has wore two of the pairs at night and they work beautifully - no leaks!
(I think he is sad, because Dave called him an Ewok in these pants)

I plan on making a few pairs of shorties/soakers from the remaining sweater pieces. I wanted to do it all at one time, but I am reminding myself, "baby steps."

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  1. (Giggling) he does look a little Ewok-ish... :)