Monday, June 23, 2008


In light of my recent reading of Affluenza and re-reading of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, I am again searching and trying to define what I want from my life. This is an ongoing journey for me and one that D & I talk about quite a bit. How do I envision our lives as a family. What is important to me. I found the following list of "Priorities for American Consumers" in Affluenza (pg 195), and I think it hits on quite a few for me:

  1. Choose a place to live that reduces the need to drive.
  2. Think twice before purchasing a second or third car
  3. Chose a fuel efficient, low-polluting car.
  4. Set concrete goals for reducing your travel
  5. Whenever practical, walk, bicycle, or take public transportation
  1. Eat less meat.
  2. Buy certified organic produce.
Household Operations
  1. Choose your home carefully.
  2. Reduce the environmental costs of heating and hot water.
  3. Install efficient lighting and appliances
  4. Choose and electricity supplied offering renewable energy.
I want to live somewhere close to family that has a diverse population, walkable/bikeable amenities nearby, solid public transportation, green spaces, university(ies) nearby, libraries, parks, museums, good local food. I want a home that is clean and orderly where stuff does not continue to invade every space of my being, where my family can play and enjoy one another, and where I have enough room in the yard for a garden which could sustain our family in produce. I want my husband to have a job that doesn't cause him sleepless nights, that he enjoys and looks forward to doing, that enhances our life but doesn't detract from it.

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