Saturday, July 02, 2011

Devouring Books

Eamon has always been fascinated by mythology from an early age. He wore out several mythology books and knows quite about Greek and Roman gods and goddesses. With all this interest in myths, I thought he would be interested in the Percy Jackson series. However, Eamon has been reluctant to begin the Percy Jackson saga. He had heard that the movie was very scary. We talked about books versus movies, and I figured he would read it when he was ready.
In the past couple weeks, he decided he was ready. It started when he began reading the first book with me before bed. He took the book and finished it the next day. We haven't been able to get the books fast enough! When he finishes one he listens to the audio version while waiting for the next book in the saga. He has read them in paper form as well as digitally.
This series has sparked his earlier interest and led to discussions on mythological creatures. Many discussions have revolved around the topic. Eamon has checked out a few other mythology books and dictionaries from the library. He will share what he knows and has read with everyone. For now, we are enjoying the ride and talking a LOT about myths from many cultures.


  1. Awesome!!! Here's a link to the Scholastic Book Wizard page. I plugged in "Greek Mythology" for the keyword and the list shows all kinds of books that you can look for at the library/online. I'm sure he's read a lot of them, but maybe there are a few that he hasn't and can find!!

  2. The Percy Jackson series is a favorite in our house (and my nephew enjoyed it, too). Thanks to Cat's Litterbox for sharing that link, great resource!

  3. Both boys here have enjoyed Percy Jackson. They've both now read the first book in his new Egypt series (The Red Pyramid) and Nicholas is working on the first book in the new "Camp Half-Blood" series. We have D'Aulaire's Greek Myths which they also like (each myth is explained in a few pages).

    There are several things from "The Lightning Thief" that are left out in the movie. Nicholas found the movie easy to manage because he'd already read the book and knew what was going to happen.

  4. Percy Jackson is such a great series! My son has really enjoyed the books and the story behind them is fantastic.

    Happy reading!