Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Ooh, shiny!

Monogamy is not my strong suit in knitting. Lately I tend to flitter from project to project. I want to finish what I start, but the drudgery of stockinette sleeves can deter even the strongest among us. The signs are evident. I start browsing Ravelry for patterns. The slightest hint of a beautiful knitting project on facebook or a fiber blog can pull me right off the wagon. This week I was caught looking. 

A friend innocently posted a pattern and photo of a headwrap she knit. I really liked it, and I had just the right yarn. I told myself when I completed my Shalom cardigan I could start it. The stitch pattern looked very similar to the lacy Baktus which I made last year. I just knew it would be a quick knit. I tried valiantly to resist. Truly I knit a lot on my sweater. The body flew off the needles, and I was working on the sleeves. But I have really long arms. And the weather was really hot. So I cheated. I cast-on for the headwrap. 
Ginny's Yarn Along - Headwrap
So now I am working on my sweater while at home and on the headwrap while facing the hot summer temperatures. The headwrap should be done in a day or two as it knits really quickly. My sweater may take a bit longer. Stockinette sleeves are a bit boring and tedious especially when you have long arms.

I am reading a bit here and there. I started Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption. I seem to be on a non-fiction jag, and I am liking it. This story is riveting and brings up many thoughts on war. The books are not read very fast though as I keep adding more knitting to my pile. 


  1. you could jazz up those sleeves with some cables. i'm sure that would make them go faster :D

  2. I have a deeply-held belief in variety among knitting projects.
    One must have projects of varying degrees of interest and difficulty to keep one's mind fresh.
    Great colors on that headwrap!

  3. Knitting monogamy...haha, not one of my strong suits either. My long arms are one reason I'm afraid to cast-on for myself...good luck! It's always good to take a break to refresh that knitting passion.

  4. Ha, ha, you were caught looking and at that yarn harlot Ravelry site no less! I was browsing there yesterday myself and now I want to cast on the headwrap you're doing too. We have no shame!xx

  5. I always feel if there is yarn and needles available, they all should be in use on some project ;)

  6. Anonymous8:32 AM

    I can be a bit of a harlot when it comes to projects, too.

    Not to worry. The sleeves will get done all in good time.

  7. Oh, I also have a several knitting projects going on at once - that way depending on how much I can concentrate, there is a project appropriate for every moment.
    Thank you for sharing.

  8. That beautiful yarn was begging to be knit up into something!

  9. I need variety too, but I do go through times where I want to finish everything that's in progress before I move on.

    I love the colors you're working with right now!

  10. Oh I have to have a project or two going at a time. Eases the boardom and lets me pick the right project based on where I'm knitting and how much I can concentrate. Love the colors of your headwrap. And I made my shalom without sleeves.

    Blessings, Elizabeth