Monday, July 16, 2012

Slowing Down

For those paying attention our little family is slowing down. It has really warmed up here. Dave and the kiddos ventured out yesterday for some treasure-hunting (geocaching). I stayed home to catch up on some quiet alone time, reading and knitting. They stumbled home two hours later drenched in sweat, but full of stories about their great finds. It was a hot one out there.

Instead of grand adventures in our adopted town, we have been:
* swimming
* visiting the library in the evening when it is cooler and stopping at the park before walking home
* venturing forth after dinner to catch fireflies
* watching movies
* running errands that involve returning online purchases which were too big (I bought myself a few new clothes)
* meeting friends at the local yarn store and chatting for a bit while browsing during the stores third anniversary (more on the purchases later)
* lots of reading (our new chapter book is this)
* playing a bit of wii upstairs
* more swimming
* classes at the nature center; Eamon loves his rocks
* playing with friends at the park enjoying a play pool and sprinkler very much
* trying to determine our departure date and road trip route back to Arizona
* staying cool

This week is full of more cool relaxation, but I think I miss some of our adventuring. There will be a bit of that too.

Not sure


  1. I think catching fire flies [or lightening bugs as we call them] is the stuff summer memories are made of!
    Have a great Monday and stay cool.

  2. I am so with you on the swimming,library and nature / rocks...this is what summer is to us too. Taking it all in and slowing down is what I love about summer.
    Have a lovely week.

  3. Keep us posted on the return trip!!

  4. have fun with fireflies! my kids have never seen one but have been in many of our books.

  5. my kids loved that book!

    so jealous of the swimming - that pool looks so inviting. so glad you were able to get some quiet time!

    1. The crazy thing about the pool is that it is on the 16th floor!

  6. you are missing an awesome wet summer here! i miss fireflies. we had those in maine, so crazy!

  7. sounds like perfect summertime living heather. what a beautiful son you have!

  8. sound like a perfect weekend Heather...our summer moments are few and far between at the moment...but we manage to 'make hay while the sun shines.'
    Enjoy this weeks adventures.

  9. Sounds like good stuff, but I have to admit...even some of your slowing down, relaxation stuff is a little too 'adventure' for me at times. Right now, I'm craving being home (aka - not having to drive anywhere!).

  10. Despite this smothering heat, it seems like everyone has been having a good time!

    Stay cool!