Monday, April 01, 2013


Phew! It has been an amazingly full two weeks, since we arrived back home in Arizona. After three long days in the car, the kiddos were delighted to see their grandparents and friends. We jumped right back into activities when we arrived. Our weeks have been full of friends, the park, Minecraft day, our book group's monthly family potluck, crafting, running, hiking, pogoing, bike riding, reading, and a whole lot of fun.

Since our return, we also celebrated a big birthday, relishing in our little man who is now F-I-V-E. The kiddos colored eggs and went on a scavenger hunt created by Grandma. Our family walked along the wash near home looking for wildlife and a few of us have gone hiking. The kiddos played with cousins and talked to a favorite Auntie and Uncle. Much love and smiles were given to a certain little niece, who is a bit fickle in her attention, but dearly loves her Uncle Dave.

The weather here has been fantastic. Initially our systems were a bit surprised by the constant 80 degree weather, having just experienced the mid-40s, but we quickly adapted. Much of the last two weeks has been spent outside. The kiddos have even tested the swimming pool, but the older folk still balk at the cold water.

Amidst all this crazy fun, much time has been spent on serious stuff too. We have been trying to decide where we will live. When we moved temporarily to Virginia last year, we packed up our home. Since we rented, it was an easy decision. Our initial return was spent with my parents, while we waited to hear if we would return to Virginia or be assigned elsewhere in Arizona. After a repeat trip to the D.C. area this past February and early March, we are back here in my parents' home. With no more out of state trips in the near future, it is time to find a new place to live. Our dreams of moving out of state are not happening fast enough, so we have decided to settle here in Arizona for the time being. Although we still carry those dreams, we want to make certain our now is not missed pining for our tomorrows. We think we have found our new home and are just working on all the paperwork that accompanies a home purchase. It is an exciting time, but I still hope we can someday move to our farmette. As my wise husband tells me, nothing is permanent. We can always change our course as necessary, but for now we are here. And we are loving our very full days.


  1. you have a smart hubby there. we are so happy to have you back <3

  2. hi there! can you stick just a tiny garden and a few chickens at your new abode? that's all it takes to have a farmette. even if you can't have chickens and there isn't much land...container gardening is ALL THE RAGE!

  3. "Farmette" - I love it! Sounds like a wise hubby there, hope the right thing shows up. xo

  4. congrats on finding home! Happy birthday to your little one!!

  5. I think living in the present---and not dreaming away your life----is one of the hardest things for an adult to do. Good for you for grabbing the best of 'today'!!!! I'm sure your family loves having you back in the fold!