Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Reading and Knitting

Work on my shrug is slowly moving along. The lace is very easy to remember I just haven't been picking it up as much as I usually do. I have two more repeats of the lace and then on to the ribbing. I keep thinking tomorrow will bring more time to knit, but right now tomorrow is always quite busy.

I was so pleased to find the latest issue of Kindred magazine in the mailbox on Friday. I showed off my piece to anyone who would pause long enough to read it. Since then I have been savoring the whole thing. Dave and I sat outside on the balcony reading while the kiddos crafted a fort out of the freezer box. It was so nice reading the poetry and prose contained in this issue. I am proud to be included with such works.

I am also reading Beautiful Ruins. My process was interrupted when the ebook was due at the library. Fortunately a print version was available for pick up, and I am back on track. Progress also continues on my audiobook which is currently The Poisonwood Bible. Great things to read right now. I am just trying to find the time.

Fellow yarn alongers, how do you find time to read when life gets busy? Do you just focus on making time, or do you relish in the thought that things will soon slow and you will lose yourself in a book again?


  1. Congratulation Heather on you piece, that is wonderful.

    I find time to read at night before I go to sleep, it's something I have done my whole life.
    Now I may not read a long as I use to, but I still manage a few pages at least.

  2. Congratulations on your magazine piece. I love your shrug, it looks really pretty xx

  3. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Same here like with Tracey: I read at night. Usually I only manage a few pages. Maybe I should go to bed earlier... As for book time vs making time: if live gets busier I rather knit than read, because knitting means I can have a conversation meanwhile.

  4. Hi you I'm finding little time to read. We're in the middle of decorating and every night I plan to read but we carry on working for too long and it's 2am before we know it, and no time to read or we'll never be up for an early start next day. I'm relishing the hope of time to read in the future and to that end have a little pile of books waiting for me by the side of the bed.

    But the days are getting longer and the decorating will be finished and it will be lovely to lose myself again.

  5. I struggle to find time to read just now - the light nights mean we are on the go until later, eating later and not much time before bed. A couple of pages before bed is all - fortunately I don't have a very exciting book at the moment. I really must get more into audio books.
    Congratulations on your piece in Kindred. It must be so exciting to see your words in such a beautiful magazine xx

  6. Congrats on the Kindred piece! As for time to read, well, it's an ongoing challenge. I often find myself reading non-fiction as it's easier to read shorter segments, and it's easier to put down. If I get into a good nonfiction I'll end up reading to the wee hours. Not healthy.

  7. your piece in kindred was amazing. such great work. i have no idea what i read anymore. it seems i read a small snippet here and there. magazines have become my friend over the last year or so. lol

  8. I read when I go to bed and I go to bed by nine p.m. I read until I fall asleep. If it is a big hard book or an ebook I will read while knitting basic simple patterns (stockinette or garter stitch). You should try that. Just keep checking your knitting and eventually you don't need to check so much.

  9. i make time to read. just like i make time to write or knit. i find it relaxing :)