Monday, January 17, 2011


Eamon loves reading. He especially enjoys comics. Initially he would read the exploits of Uncle Scrooge, Donald Duck and his nephews Huey, Duey and Louie. He then read several Pokemon chronicles.  One of his uncles loaned him a few Calvin and Hobbes books, and a whole new world unfolded. However the interest waned a bit when the books were no longer readily available.

Recently a friend let him borrow an anthology of Calvin and Hobbes. The interest was renewed. Then his grandpa gave him a large stack of Calvin and Hobbes books. Now he is reading Calvin and Hobbes all the time. He loves Calvin.

"Mama, mama, guess what Calvin did."
"Okay, listen to this..."
"So, guess who is hiding behind the door...Hobbes...and he is counting...and Calvin is coming in the house. This is hilarious!"

Eamon reads Calvin first thing in the morning, while he eats, before bed and every time in between. He laughs out loud at the exploits of this little boy and his tiger pal. He is enamored by the mischief which unfolds.  He believes Calvin would be a good friend to have. Although Dave and I are a bit unsure of the mischievous nature of his hero, Eamon is undeterred and finds Calvin irresistible. He does not tire of these books and has reread each of the books he has received several times.

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  1. I credit Calvin and Hobbes with my 10yo's literacy! He devoured absolutely everything he could get his hands on. :-)