Friday, January 07, 2011

Tired and Under the Weather

Today was a slow day.  Aine and I went to Girl Scouts to learn all about cookie sales.  That adventure begins 1/15, and Aine is very excited.  The boys stayed home and relaxed.  Eamon has not felt well, and Benton has been tired.  
When we returned home, we watched a lot of PBS and a few things on Netflix.  The kiddos currently love The Wild Kratts.  We built with blocks and did a bit of Blokus.  Butternut squash soup was eaten for dinner followed by early bed for all.  Benton was so tired, he fell asleep while sitting up.


  1. Both pictures are very cute! I love to see pictures of the kids, it helps me watch them grow.

  2. Great job with the pictures... very cute!! :D I love cookie time!!! Do they ship them or only local sales?

  3. Cookies are locally sold. You can order from Aine and do the gift of caring. The cookies you order would be donated to Tempe Community Action Agency which runs a food pantry, homeless meals and the senior center.