Monday, January 03, 2011


Each year around this time, I reflect on the past and think about the future and what I may want to change or improve.  I am not alone in this as everyone seems to contemplate and make resolutions annually for New Year's Day.  This year I have several things I want to accomplish.  I use the word accomplish on purpose as I don't want to merely change I want to achieve.  I decided to share them in the hopes that writing it will help it happen.  I plan on creating a spot on my site to track my progress as well.

First up is health.  I resolve to lose 40 pounds this year.  It is weight I have carried on and off for quite a few years, and it is time to go.  I turn forty next year, and I would hate to be this heavy for such a milestone.  In order to achieve my goal, I have outlined a few steps:

  • Exercise most days (I will shoot for daily, but I am trying for realistic goals)
  • Meal Plan
  • Monitor caloric intake via LoseIt program on iPod Touch
  • Run in two 5Ks
  • Improve number of push-ups, sit-ups and squats completed  (aim for 100/200/200)
  • Complete boot camp course
  • Tune into hunger and focus on satiety
I am confident this will help me accomplish my goal.  I will keep everyone posted on my success.

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