Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Today I found a disc in the garage with backup photos on it.  I uploaded it to my laptop and was treated to photos from the birth of my two older children as well as a few videos.  It was so cool to see them as babies again.  I forget in the day to day just how far we have come.

The kiddos really liked seeming themselves and hearing stories from their babyhood.  They really enjoy looking at photos and remembering.  Last year I made each child a photobook.  It included photos for their particular age starting with their birthday.    I plan on making books to cover these years as well as those in between.   I may not scrapbook, but hopefully they won't mind.
Eamon then and now

 Aine then and now

Benton then and now

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  1. I can show you an easy way to cheat scrapbook :) We should have a craft night on it sometime. I am hoping to get a lot more done with this new trick!