Friday, January 14, 2011

On the Bright Side

I have been sick, suffering from the same malady as the children. It has not been fun. When the mama is sick, things do not go well.  On Wednesday, we sat in front of the TV watching movies. Luckily Dave was able to take Thursday off of work to hold down the fort. Having him home meant I could sleep and recuperate. Today the fever seems to be waning, and I was actually able to do a few things. Granted I still stayed mostly in bed, but I was able to function a bit better.

On the bright side, during this bout of illness and forced bit of rest, I have completed the Easy Drop Stitch Scarf, read Ninth Ward (did I mention she was one of my favorite professors in college), started The Girl Who Played with Fire as well as Knitting Rules! and watched a few movies on Netflix.  You have to use your down time wisely!


  1. Wow, that scarf is gorgeous. Makes me wish I was more than a dabbler at knitting.

  2. Thanks! It is actually a really easy pattern. It is all knit stitch with a few cleverly spaced yarn-overs.

  3. I just love the way the scarf turned out! The colors are amazing.

    I hope you're all on the mend and feeling better!