Sunday, January 09, 2011

Long Day

Today Dave and I attended a memorial service for his Uncle Bill.  His uncle was an amazing man who was loved and respected by many.  He was a master in his field.  He loved animals, and he loved those close to him.  I remember the first time I met him.  Dave and I had not been dating long when he took me to his aunt and uncle's home.  His uncle was a big taciturn fellow, and I was quite certain he disliked me.  They took us to dinner, and I remember riding in their vintage car with the windows down.  Dave spoke a bit to them, but I was more quiet having put my foot in my mouth about not liking meat.  At the restaurant, I spilled my spaghetti dinner down the front of my shirt, and Uncle Bill just looked at me and laughed.  He had the most infectious laugh.  He then said something to lighten the moment and put me at ease.   He had a quick wit and a ready smile.  He was important to my husband, and he will be missed.

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