Sunday, January 23, 2011

Date Night

Our science center provides a lot of opportunities for homeschoolers. They offer reduced memberships, educators nights, guest speakers, family science nights and homeschool science classes. We value the opportunities it provides and try to visit often. We received notification that all educators could preview the new Body Worlds exhibit for free. My parents offered to babysit, so Dave and I headed out to Body Worlds at our science center for the educator night on Saturday.

I enjoyed the exhibit when it was in town previously, but Dave had never seen it. It is an interesting look at human anatomy. Each display had copious amounts of information and intricate anatomical marvels to examine. We spent almost 2 hours touring through the exhibit. I even overheard another couple mention that they too were homeschoolers and were enjoying a date night!

After Body Worlds, we continued our date night with dinner. It is nice to have a few hours to ourselves to talk. Although we do talk about the kiddos, we talk about so many other things. I truly enjoy spending this time with Dave.


  1. How did he like it? I'm glad you guys are able to get out and have time for yourselves as a couple!!! I love date night!! That's a great picture of Dave!!! :D

  2. He enjoyed it. It is nice to have a moment together now that the kiddos are getting bigger. He HATES this picture.