Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hall of Flame

On April 6th, our preschool group took a field trip to the Hall of Flame A docent at the museum told the story of Daisy the Firecow, showed the children a video on fire safety, and allowed them to climb on a huge firetruck. The museum is very large, so we only looked at a few of the antique trucks. Climbing on the fire truck was definitely the highlight.

Since our trip to the museum, Eamon has talked quite a bit about fire safety. We counted the smoke alarms in our house (10), tested the detectors, and formulated a fire escape plan.


  1. Good for Eamon! You can never be too careful and you always need to know about fire safety even at 4.

  2. Again I say that you are a great mom to take your children learn about the things you take them to. They are very lucky to have you as a mom!