Sunday, April 29, 2007

Visiting Yuma

We spent a few days helping my brother and his family with their newest addition, Kailana. Eamon and Aine had a great time playing with Malia. They enjoyed playing dressing up, styling Aine's hair and dancing to the Wiggles. While we were there, we went to story time at the downtown Yuma library. The kids listened to frog stories and songs. The ended the visit by making frog puppets. After the library we played for a bit at the Creative Playground at the Wetlands Regional Park. Eamon and Aine enjoyed this park when we visited right after Kailana was born. The weather was a bit warm this visit, so we spent most of the time swinging on the tire swing. The kids thoroughly enjoyed it.

Due to the proximity to California, we thought it would be a nice time for a sidetrip to San diego. The three kids, Dave & I headed off to the beach on Friday, April 27. After a few potty breaks, we made it to the beach. It was a grand time. Eamon ran down to the water as soon as he arrived. His enthusiasm was quickly tempered as he was flattened by a wave. Luckily he was picked out of the water by another family. He later enjoyed telling how he was almost swpet out to the ocean. The kiddos built sandcastles, collected seashells and stood in the waves. We were all wet and sandy by the time we headed back to Yuma.

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