Sunday, December 05, 2010

Hands Full

Recently people have commented that I have my hands full. It seems to occur most often when checking out at a retailer. I wonder what exactly they are implying. Typically my youngest is trying to climb out of the cart either over the top or through the back escape hatch. While this is occurring my older two children are either imploring that I purchase something displayed by the register or walking out the door unaware of my delayed departure. I don't see this as abnormal. I think I have very normal children and usually have things under control.

My children have needs and desires; they express them. We work on store protocol before leaving home or entering the establishment. With views limited to the cart, little buying power and impatience, my children may wander away from me, yell, climb out of the cart, grab things off shelves, ask the cashier a myriad of questions and look/act otherwise like children. I think this is normal behavior for small people. Perhaps it isn't or perhaps the expectations of society are not in line with the behavior of most people under the age of ten. I mean why would any retailer put small items right at child level at the checkout otherwise.

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